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        If you're casting a wide net, start your search with the camp directories below. You'll find tons of online classes for a variety of ages and prices (including free). Other great places to look include your local YMCA, JCC, or parks and recreation department.?

        • 金兴明ActivityHero金兴明金兴明. 金兴明Serving as a clearinghouse for in-person activities as well as online classes and camps, this site lists a wide range of things to do for all ages, interests, and budgets. You'll find both single-day sessions and more in-depth "camp-like" experiences.
        • 金兴明American Camp Association金兴明金兴明.金兴明 A usual go-to site for families researching in-person summer camps, the ACA now offers a directory of virtual camps for all ages and topics. You can search and sort by cost, activity, and other filters to find the best fit for your kid.
        • 金兴明Outschool金兴明金兴明. 金兴明This site offers hundreds of online classes in just about every subject -- from mindfulness to Minecraft -- for kids age 3 to 18. There are both live, interactive classes, as well as "flexible schedule" options where kids can go at their own pace. Classes also vary in their start date and meeting frequency. (金兴明Note金兴明: Common Sense Media has a business relationship with an investor in Outschool.)


        金兴明Brain Chase金兴明金兴明. 金兴明金兴明Starts at $99, extra for electives; age 7–14. 金兴明
        Kids work on math, reading, and typing all while competing in a real-life treasure hunt for the chance to win $1,000 in gold. Brain Chase starts in June and runs for six weeks.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities and videos released on a weekly schedule.

        金兴明Camp Candlewick金兴明. Free; all ages.
        Book publisher Candlewick Press hosts a 12-week summer reading program broken down into "cabins" by grade level. Each "cabin" gets a suggested book to read each month -- like Judy Moody Declares Independence for grades 1–3 or X: A Novel for grades 9–12 -- as well as author interviews, activities, and live discussions.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule, all centered on a different book for each four-week period.?

        金兴明Camp Edmo金兴明金兴明. Starts at $150 per session (supplies cost extra); age 4金兴明金兴明–金兴明金兴明13.金兴明
        An engaging mix of learning projects, indoor games, and screen-time breaks makes Camp Edmo a fun option for families looking for more structure in their kids' online camps. Each week of programming focuses on a different topic, ranging from music to climate change, depending on kids' ages.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Two and a half hours of live instruction, interaction, and specialized activities via video chat from Monday to Friday. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

        金兴明Camp Kinda金兴明金兴明. Free; age 5金兴明金兴明–14.金兴明
        Camp Kinda offers themed activities like "Histories Mysteries," for kids to complete at their own pace. Each week until Sept. 1, kids get a new week's worth of online, offline, and even outdoor activities designed to take about three to four hours per day.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule, with new daily activities released every week.

        金兴明Camp TFK. Free; all ages.金兴明
        Kids' news provider TIME for Kids has curated a four-week camp experience, with free videos and activities provided each day. The activities are designed to be done with minimal parent participation and are grouped by themes like sports, arts & crafts, and storytelling. Plus they give you a list of all the supplies you'll need up front.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule, with new activities released every weekday.

        金兴明Camp Wonderopolis金兴明金兴明.金兴明金兴明 Free; age 7 and up.金兴明
        Sponsored by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), this online camp lets kids explore topics such as weather, food, and technology. Each topic includes lessons, outdoor activities, videos, and additional reading suggestions for all ages.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule.

        金兴明金兴明Camp YouTube金兴明. Free; all ages.
        Choose between STEM-, art-, sports-, and adventure-focused camps made up of video activities promoting learning, skills, and exploration. Video playlists are broken up into activities for teens and ones for younger kids, and families can use fun bingo cards to check off everything they accomplish over the summer.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule.

        金兴明Summer Base Camp. Free; all ages.金兴明
        The North Face outdoor gear and clothing retailer is providing educational, hands-on activities with a focus on nature and the outdoors. The three weekly sessions cover topics including nature photography, how to make healthy snacks, and basic survival skills. Keep in mind that there may be a pitch to buy North Face branded items.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule, with new activities released three times a week.

        金兴明Varsity Tutors金兴明金兴明. Free; age 5 and up.金兴明
        Kids can join a weeklong session based on their grade level for a variety of original, educational subjects like basic engineering using household items, mastering strategy games, and drawing anime.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: One hour of live instructions via video chat from Monday to Friday, with some self-directed work time.

        金兴明Wide Open School金兴明金兴明. Free; all ages. 金兴明
        Created and curated by Common Sense, this site makes distance learning easier and more accessible for families and educators. Kids from preschool to high school can browse through engaging videos, lessons, and activities by topic or subject -- all created by top-quality providers including PBS, GoNoodle, and Khan Academy.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule; parents can use the "virtual summer camp" schedule, create their own, or let older kids explore themselves.


        金兴明Apple Camp at Home金兴明. 金兴明Free; all ages.金兴明
        Kids can learn principles of video, design, and coding through Apple's summer offering. Kids can download the Activity Book (which is intended to be used on an iPad but can be accessed with other devices and programs) and do the three projects at their own pace.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule, although parents or kids can sign up for a video chat orientation or Q&A session for help.

        金兴明Connected Camps金兴明金兴明.金兴明金兴明 Price varies; age 8金兴明金兴明–金兴明金兴明13.金兴明
        Connected Camps offers weeklong, instructor-led camps focusing on topics like coding, game design, and engineering. Some popular options include courses on esports and Minecraft. 金兴明Note金兴明: Connected Camps are available on Outschool.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Ninety minutes of live instruction via video chat from Monday to Friday, with optional self-directed activities.

        金兴明Id Tech Camp金兴明金兴明. Starts at $399; age 7 and up.金兴明
        Id Tech Camp offers weeklong, instructor-led camps on a variety of tech topics including coding, game design, engineering, and advanced programming languages.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Two hours of live instruction via video chat from Monday to Friday, plus approximately two hours of individual work.

        金兴明K12 Destinations Career Academy金兴明金兴明. Free; age 13 and up.金兴明
        High schoolers can get course credit with these free summer school classes and coding bootcamps. Teens can also explore careers by taking informational courses. Teachers are available to help during traditional school hours.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Students have one month to complete school classes on their own time (approximately two hours per day); coding bootcamps have 60 to 90 minutes of live instruction via video chat in the morning and afternoon.

        金兴明Kids 4 Coding金兴明金兴明. Starts at $99 per class; age 7金兴明金兴明–金兴明金兴明16. 金兴明
        Aspiring app developers and game designers can choose from several weeklong courses to sharpen their coding skills. The small classes are taught by trained teachers and university-level computer science students.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: One to two hours of live instruction via video chat from Monday to Friday, plus additional self-directed time to complete projects.

        金兴明Tech Revolution - Virtual Tech Camps金兴明金兴明. Starts at $299 per class; age 7金兴明金兴明–金兴明金兴明14. 金兴明
        Kids can learn a variety of programming languages, as well as video and music production, all taught by trained instructors. Small-group classes work together on activities and projects, with plenty of breaks built in.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Three hours of live instruction, interaction, and specialized activities via video chat from Monday to Friday.


        金兴明Camp Tinkergarten金兴明. Free; age 2–10.
        Get outdoor playtime activities delivered to your email inbox with this eight-week summer program. The activity kits include ideas, like how to have a Silly Summer Olympics; reading lists; and tips and support for parents.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule, with new activities released every week.

        金兴明DIY金兴明金兴明.金兴明金兴明 Free trial followed by monthly or yearly subscription; age 7 and up.金兴明
        This site offers online courses in areas such as drawing, photography, animation, inventing, and science, plus more than 1,000 additional activities (many of which can be completed offline).
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed projects on a flexible schedule.

        金兴明The Lion King Experience: At Home金兴明金兴明. Free; age 8金兴明金兴明–金兴明金兴明15. 金兴明
        Originally designed for classrooms and adapted for home use, this immersive theater program teaches kids performance art through The Lion King. Each lesson plan (there are 11 for kids, 18 for teens) contains videos, journal prompts, performances, and more.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities broken into 45-minute lesson plans on a flexible schedule.

        金兴明Make: Online金兴明金兴明.金兴明金兴明 Free, but materials cost extra; age 12 and up. 金兴明
        The folks behind the maker movement offer instructions and advice on projects using primarily household materials, like a banana piano or a leaf blower hoverboard.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed project ideas on a flexible schedule, with a regular newsletter offering new virtual events and activities.

        金兴明Play-Well Teknologies金兴明金兴明. Starts at $36 per class, but Legos cost extra; age 5金兴明金兴明–金兴明金兴明12. 金兴明
        Young Lego fans can take part in a weeklong class that combines creativity with STEM concepts. Kids can share their creations with fellow builders and trained Play-Well instructors who guide them through lessons. No instruction manual or specific pieces required.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: 45 minutes of live instruction via Zoom from Monday to Friday.?

        金兴明Start with a Book金兴明金兴明.金兴明金兴明 Free; age 6 and up.金兴明
        In addition to a summer science camp, this site offers a long list of themes, such as Art, Night Sky, and Weather Report, for kids to explore. For each theme, you get book suggestions (for all reading levels), discussion guides, hands-on activities, and related sites and apps. (You'll need to check the books out of the library or buy them.)
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Self-directed activities on a flexible schedule.

        金兴明The Story Pirate Creator Camp金兴明. Starts at $145 per session; age 5–11.
        The creative minds behind the Story Pirates podcast are now offering virtual creative workshops for kids to create their own inventive stories. Each camp session combines small group workshops, live instruction, and interactive activities all focused on a fun theme like spy adventures or superheroes.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Three hours of live instruction via video chat three days a week.


        金兴明American Diabetes Association Imagine Camp金兴明金兴明. Free; age 6 and up.金兴明
        For summer 2020, the ADA is offering Imagine Camp, an at-home version of its traditional camp for kids with type I diabetes. Imagine Camp focuses on community-building instead of outdoor activities, with online adaptations of campfires, games, and singalongs.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Two hours per week of guided discussions with counselors and health experts via video chat, plus additional virtual activities and videos.

        金兴明Camp Kesem at Home金兴明金兴明. Free; age 6 and up.金兴明
        Camp Kesem provides free summer camps to kids whose parents have cancer, allowing them to build relationships with other kids going through the same thing. This summer's programs are all virtual. Apply through your local Camp Kesem chapter, which you can find on the website.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Live and recorded videos twice a week, along with offline activities and social media interaction with other campers and counselors.

        金兴明The Help Group's Kids Like Me金兴明金兴明. Starts at $90; age 6 and up.金兴明
        Although usually based in southern California, these camps for kids with autism, ADHD, and other learning and attention issues have shifted online. Kids can choose from three sessions: STEM, learning and improving social skills, and a traditional-style camp with activities from sports to music and drama. All camps are led by trained professionals and experienced counselors.
        金兴明How it works金兴明: Two hours of live instruction in the morning and two hours in the afternoon via Zoom; the STEM class is Monday to Friday, but the other camps have both half-day and three-days-a-week options.

        Frannie Ucciferri, associate managing editor, contributed to this story.?


        As Common Sense Media's parenting editor, Caroline helps parents make sense of what’s going on in their kids' media lives. From games to cell phones to movies and more, if you're wondering "what’s the right age for…?"... 金兴明Read more


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        Adult金兴明 written by vicky2020

        Hi Caroline, I love your blog and it gives us parents so much helpful information to keep our kiddos active and their minds growing. I also wanted to recommend eggheadtutors.com . They offer tutoring and coding classes. My daughter just did an online Scratch class with them and had a blast coding cool animations and games with her best friend. I loved how she learned a lot, was very motivated, shared projects and socialized with her friend, tried each other's projects, and most importantly had fun all while social distancing! I am not affiliated with them but was very impressed!
        Adult金兴明 written by BostonSTEMMom

        I wish there were more offerings in the area of business, entrepreneurship. My son is participating in the Junior MBA program (Junior CEO) and I am personally impressed with the level of instruction. https://www.cleverharvey.com The program is very affordable and it offers a fun and unique activity to do when summer camps are closed - Junior CEO and Junior CTO online classes. It's helping middle- and high school students find an inner entrepreneur and get familiar with the basics of running the business like a CEO would. It lets the kids acquire confidence in the basics of business and helps them learn and appreciate what adults do at work.
        Adult金兴明 written by iodani

        I would like to share some information about Broadway Teaches Kids. A virtual summer camp with an arts focus, for students 5-12 years old, taught by talented professional artists who are also wonderful educators. The tuition will go to support the faculty and any overage to a charity TBD that supports these artists. Artists are struggling right now and unfortunately, it seems it will take a long time for the entertainment world to get back to some sort of normality. Broadway Teaches Kids won't only be a fantastic opportunity for children, but also an effective way to support talented artists who are and will be out of work for a long time. The more families we can involve the more we can help by providing a creative and fun outlet for children as well as economic support for the artists.
        Adult金兴明 written by crcscampcrusader

        Hey everyone! I'm quite curious about what these camps are all about since they are all online. I didn't realize screentime for kids could be this positive. This is like a good streaming service of educational content. I'm hooked. I do hope that these apps have done a lot of research and understand that if they put out content that is too educational then kids tend to immediately lose focus. BTW, do these sites have telco partners already?
        Adult金兴明 written by jengs9227

        I have 2 sons who are into sports, I enrolled them on a Karate summer camp at World Karate Fairfax. So far, they are really enjoying it for their first week. But next, I take consideration of this kind summer camp. Thanks
        Adult金兴明 written by bugmenotplease

        Good options. There is no substitute for in-person camp experience tho, and some of them can be reasonably priced. For example YMCA camps, Sparkmythought tech camps, and camps from school district itself.
        Parent金兴明 written by Tara B.

        My 7+ year old is taking Scratch Camp at Connected Camps and absolutely loves it. The camp counselors are expert at facilitating the workshops virtually - including how to program in Scratch and learn new apps like Zoom for screen sharing and Team Speak to chat with each other. I like that it's a safe learning environment and he's learning important life skills like how to conduct himself online.